Top Secret- The Duquesne Bahamas Tour

In May Duquesne put out a major rebranding effort. The logo for the athletic department was overhauled and many fans hoped the “fan experience” would change as well. The fan experience goes hand in hand with the brand. Now I realize that the Duquesne men’s basketball fan base is a small one, but the ones who stuck around through the years of bad basketball are passionate and loyal. Such a fan base should be rewarded.

Here we are on August 6th with the Dukes starting a string of games in the Bahamas tomorrow. Thing is, you wouldn’t even know they were practicing unless you’re a hardcore fan. Going into Keith Dambrot’s third year the expectations are higher than ever, but the excitement from the fan base is even higher.

The Duquesne men’s basketball twitter account has not put out an original tweet and since July 10th and the tour was only mentioned in a short press release in June. I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t seem like a good fan experience. At the bare minimum fans want some videos or interviews. Just something to tide them over until November. But nope, nothing from Duquesne. This must change if Duquesne athletics wants to be taken seriously.

Other fans have reached out to me to see if I had any information on the trip, but alas I have nothing either. Hopefully this blog post is outdated by tomorrow and we get video and stats from the game. I’d bet against that, but we can hold out hope.

Here is a link to a website with box scores for the games:

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