Duquesne vs Umass-Lowell Live Blog

Duquesne takes on Umass-Lowell at 1pm today at Palumbo. Let’s do some blogging!

12:15 PM: Duquesne signee Maceo Austin is in the house for the game today. This one is going to be high scoring.

12:23 PM: Dukes going with the home whites for the first time this season. Reds are better but variety is good.

12:45 PM: 15 minutes from tip. Prediction time! Duquesne 81 UML 65

12:48 PM: Tentative starters for Duquesne:

Weathers, M. Hughes, Williams Jr, Lewis II, Carry.

1:01 PM: Tip off

1:09 PM: Dukes scoring the ball at will right now and force a timeout on the inbounds. 10-7 with 16:09 left in the half. Mike Hughes with 4 points.

1:18 PM: Dukes lead 20-16 at the U12. Have given up 3 offensive rebounds which is 3 too many at this point. Weathers has hit two 3’s. Dukes shooting 64%

1:27 PM: Dukes lead 31-21 at the U12. 5-8 from 3. Stay hot. Weathers leads with 10.

1:37 PM: Dukes up 40-26 at the U4. Director of Basketball ops Steve McNees is having a baby girl this spring. Congrats to him!

1:44 PM: Dukes lead 46-33 at the half. Not much defense being played today and I’m so here for it.

2:08 PM: Carry with the pretty alley oop to Rotroff who stuffs it. 51-35.

2:17 PM: Dukes lead 58-43 at the U12. Sluggish start for both teams in the second half.

2:44 PM: Dukes up 11 with 3:37 to go. Refs calling everything right now. They are getting paid by the whistle apparently.

3:00 PM: 83-71 final. Ugly game to watch. See you Friday for the city game.

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