Bahamas Wrap-Up

The foreign trip that Duquesne didn’t want anyone to know about has come and gone. It’s hard to glean much from these types of games just because of the style of play, but I can’t help but be impressed by some several individual performances.

Sincere Carry looks healthy which will make this team dangerous in 2019-20. He looked borderline unguardable in Wednesday’s game; like he could get to the hoop anytime he pleased.

Baylee Steele dominated in the post both games. He is the enforcer Duquesne has badly needed for the past two seasons. I’d love to see Steele and Mike Hughes on the court together in November. That’s going to be a tough frontline to stop for a anybody.

Lamar Norman also appears to have made a significant leap going into his sophomore season. We all know how good of a shooter he is, but if he can consistently slash his way to the basket he’s going to average in double figures and make Duquesne’s backcourt even harder to stop. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.

Tavian Dunn-Martin is still Tavian Dunn-Martin. A guy who brings energy, scoring & high intensity defense every time he’s on the floor. He started in both of these games, but it’ll be interesting to see if he returns to his sixth man role once the regular season begins.

In conversations I’ve had with many online and in person, we mostly agree that Marcus Weathers is the biggest key to this team winning 20+ games. He’s a mismatch at the 4 with his ability to stretch the floor and be a battering ram to the taller power forwards. If Steele and Hughes can play together and Weathers can play more at the 3, he’s going to create major mismatches for opponents to contend with.

I look for Frankie Hughes to put together consistent outings this season, which could put this team over the top. He wasn’t a high-major recruit for nothing. Guy is athletic and when he’s hot–he’s hot.

Maceo Austin looked the part of a kid with his types of accolades. Able to get to the basket and consistently knock down jumpers. Lots of folks in the A10 will be sleeping on him, but they’ll be awoken soon enough. Obviously biased, but he’s my pick for A10 rookie of the year. Elizabeth native Tre Mitchell at Umass figures to end up in that conversation as well.

Amongst others, James Ellis appears to show a very strong skill set and will have the luxury of playing being two experienced bigs in Hughes and Steele. You obviously can’t teach the wingspan and athleticism of Ellis. And with Coach Dambrot’s pedigree of developing big, it would wise to think he’s going to become special over his 4 years.

Evan Buckley looks to be a solid point guard who will give Keith Dambrot hustle, good defense and intensity when called upon.

Unknown is when Austin Rotroff and Amari Kelly will be back from torn acl’s but they will both help this team. Seems Rotroff is closer to getting back. Both guys were really coming on strong at the time of their injuries. Wait and see there.

Hopefully we will have a schedule soon—word is early September.

Can’t wait to see some basketball in November. Wherever those games may be.

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